Better than Gran Turismo 7

The best racing fun you can have on a PSP is setting it up as an extended dashboard, before taking your car for a race on the asphalt of the Suzuka Twin Circuit.

At least, that’s what Yoshielise must have thought back in 2007. While there are no doubt better ways to achieve the same result nowadays, using a PSP to log lap records must have seemed like a solid option in a smartphone-free world.


Yoshielise had to supplement some serious technical skills to his driving abilities. While by that point it was well established that the headphone remote port on the original PSP model was really an RS232 serial port, there was no ready solution to link the handheld to a GPS receiver. And Sony’s own GPS accessory wouldn’t be released for another while.

Because of that, our Yoshielise decided to hack together his own accessory, and write customized code in Lua to support it.


If he ever released the source code for his work, it must have long since been lost. At least we will always have videos of his car spinning around Suzuka, with a PSP glued to the dashboard. That’s as real a driving experience as you’re ever going to get with a console.