Text editors for PSP

Why would you ever want to use your PSP as a text editor? It doesn’t have a touch screen. It doesn’t have a keyboard. You can technically link up the very first PSP model with an infrared keyboard - if you can buy one from an antique shop. In other words, it will not be a very practical endeavor.

If you still want to go ahead and use an old videogaming device to train your writing skills, this is the app that I would suggest.

PSPWrite was created by Ludovic Jacomme, better known as Zx-81 - developer of countless emulators for PSP.

The on-screen keyboard is the Danzeff model, created by Danzel. It is the most practical input method you will find on PSP, and it’s still pretty hard to use.

IR keyboard

It really is possible to use one of those - at least according to this old YouTube video:


Download the homebrew Download the homebrew