Introducing MAME4ALL for PSP - not to be confused with PSPMame, PSP Mame4All and half a dozen other ports of Mame for the Sony handheld - none of which run particularly great.

This one isn’t likely to be mixed up, simply because it is entirely and exclusively in Japanese. It is apparently the work of a developer who chose to be known to history simply as ‘mameforpsp’.

The last release is from 10 August 2011, making it the most recent of the Mame ports mentioned above, albeit by a matter of months.

This is a modified version of TTYman’s port of Mame. On top of the English-to-Japanese localization (welcome if you’re Japanese, less so for anyone else), the readme claims that this build uses GU instead of SDL for rendering graphics.

The main attraction, though, is the romset, which differs considerably from TTYman’s version. Among the supported ROMs, this Japanese build lists mid-90s games such as Fatal Fury 3. I’ll believe it when I see it. For now, I was unable to run any games other than 1943 Kai.

The .SFO file within the EBOOT lists the name of the emulator as ‘VirtualConsoleArcade’, as can be seen in the icon below. Why? You’d have to ask mameforpsp-san.


Download the homebrew Download the homebrew