Some (really good) Style from Pochi

There are many custom icons and backgrounds available for PSP on the web, but how many look this good?

Satoshi Arakawa is a Japanese graphic designer, founder of the Arakawa Design studio. Fifteen years ago, he was also a PSP fan. His love for the platform’s homebrew scene led him to create custom graphic assets for PSP emulators ranging from the N64 to the Amiga.

He also created custom skin packs for the emulators and applications that supported them. Everything he touched was made a little more beautiful with his work.

PSPGenesis: before Pochi…


…after Pochi


His last PSP works date from June 2008, when he created custom assets for PSPcomic, PSP Filer and the homebrew game Stakker.

His original website is partly available here, through the WayBack machine. Better yet, Arawaka himself his hosting the full collection of his PSP works on his studio’s website, so that we can still enjoy his creations after all these years.