NEO Spring 2006

The coding competitions organised by were the most important events of this kind in the PSP homebrew scene.

Neoflash seems to have started business in 2005 - their first products were flash carts for the Nintendo DS. The Neoflash team arranged to hold the first homebrew coding competition during the same year. It seems fair to assume that the idea was to provide a legitimate application for what otherwise looks like a mere piracy-enabling device.

Only homebrews for the Nintendo DS were admitted at first, but the Spring 2006 edition changed that, by allowing apps (but not yet games) for PSP to enter the competition.

No 1: AFKIM by Danzel


Download AFKIM!

No 2: Oldschool Library by Brunni


A development library. It would be used by countless PSP homebrew developers over the years.

No 3: PSPosx by Slasher


Download PSPosx!

No 4: PSP-OSS by Mondy


Download PSP-OSS!

No 5: FileAssistant++ by 71M


Download FileAssistant!

No 6: Titan Homebrew Manager by McZonk


Download Titan Homebrew Manager!

No 7: Psp-gnuboy, Pspadrive and PspFCEUltra by HamsterBert


Download PSP-gnuboy! Download PSPadrive! Download PSPFceUltra!

No 8: Pspaint by Aerol33t


Download Pspaint!

No 9: PSPJabber by Davgav


Download PSPJabber!

No 10: PSPDizaster Lua Paint by Psp333


Download PSPDizaster Lua Paint!

NR: Etch-A-Sketch by Dark Killer


Download Etch-A-Sketch!

NR: NeoChuck by Sector


Download Chuck Norris Facts PSP!

NR: PDWE by SupaSick

An app to enable the reproduction of .wma files.