Ultimate Goodies And Cash Giveaway

The Ultimate Goodies And Cash Giveaway was held in October/November 2006.

No. 1: Install-O-Tron by Fanjita and Alex Richter


Download Install-O-Tron!

No. 2: TIFF Brick-Out by SG57

This homebrew has been preserved, but as it depends on the TIFF exploit, which has been patched in all firmwares over a decade ago, getting it to work will prove challenging.

Download TIFF Brick-Out!

No. 3: Penguin Command PSP by Percival


Download Penguin Command!

No. 4: Vautex Shell by Popcorn Devil


Download Vautex!

NR: GTA Jump by HardHat and John-Paul Gignac


Download GTA Jump!

NR: Triple Triad by TheEmulatorGuy


Download Triple Triad!

NR: Cloud’s Destiny by Shadow Darkness


This one is really no more than a coding exercise.

Download Cloud’s Destiny!