Nazi Zombies Portable: Reboot

The original Nazi Zombies Portable was one of the most beloved and well-known of the many Quake mods created by the homebrew community for PSP. It was also one of the most famous homebrew games made for any platform.

The original team behind the project put development aside a while ago. To their credit, the project continued to be updated into December 2014 - well after most PSP games had been consigned to the dustbin of history.

The project was picked up again in more recent times by a new team - which is still actively developing the game. While more platforms such as the Nintendo Switch are now supported, the game continues to run smoothly even on the original ‘fat’ PSP.

A faithful recreation of Call of Duty Zombies for various platforms (and of course, PlayStation Portable). Powered by the Quake engine and unhealthy amounts of caffeine. Game features the full suite of Perks, the Pack-A-Punch, Hellhounds, Traps, etc. and a set of Map making tools to encourage the development of custom maps to make up for the official listing’s shortcomings


  • Blubswillrule: Coding, Models, GFX, Sounds, Music
  • Ju[s]tice: Maps, Models, GFX
  • Jukki: Coding
  • Biodude: Sounds
  • Dr_Mabuse1981: Sounds
  • Naievil: Coding, NX Maintaining
  • MotoLegacy: Coding, GFX, Music
  • Derped_Crusader: Models, GFX


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