Let's play! OpenLara!

XProger’s OpenLara takes us for another PSP-powered nostalgia trip. Remember the golden age of 3D gaming, back when gamers were not shamed for being toxic manchildren? Neither do I, but someone at CoreDesign must have fond memories of the mid-90s. After all, at the time they were the best known video-game makers in Britain who didn’t create anthropomorphic digital monkeys for a living.

Thanks to the OpenLara project, we can now witness the clunky, frustrating gameplay of the series once more. And watch polygonal titties - let’s not forget the main selling point here.

The PSP version of OpenLara was abandoned at the Alpha 3 stage - so if you have literally any other handheld device, including the GameBoy Advance, you might want to check out the latest release for those platforms. This is probably because PSP players can play the PlayStation 1 version of the game through the inbuilt emulator. But the PC version has a charm all of its own. And widescreen support, apparently?

To play the whole story you will need to buy, or pirate, the full version of the game. The single-level demo version is included in the pack, so that you can enjoy some dog-shooting action from the get go.


Download the homebrew Download the homebrew