The PSP Dungeons Engine

There is a seemingly unlimited supply of PSP homebrew games running on the Quake engine. What is less widely known, is the existence of a 3D engine that was nearly as successful. And was created specifically for the PSP.

Christoph Arnold (aka charnold) is the name of the German developer who made it. Originally an offshoot of his PSP Dungeons 3D project, it eventually grew to have its own 3D map editor for Windows and Mac.

The original Dungeons game later gave rise to Dungeons: Assault Run, last updated in July 2008. What is most remarkable, though, is that a few other homebrew developers made use of the engine for their own creations.


Serious Dungeons - by Be3f


Icon KillerZ - by VettaCossX


Project Savior - by EinhanderZwei


Radiosi Mod - by Drew Medina


Frack Mod - by Frack


Alien Huntress - by Adriano

Over the years, some of the mods were lost to history:

Other projects never made it past the concept stage.

No Turning Back by Betasword:

Resident Evil Mansion map by Waywardson:

If you want to try your hand at creating FPS for the PSP without going through the Quake engine, the Dungeons engine and editor are archived here.


Download the homebrew Download PSP Dungeons 3D

Download the homebrew Download Dungeons: Assault Run