The very first PSP homebrew game

This isn’t a settled argument, but after checking and archiving over 2,000 homebrews, I feel that I can hazard a guess on the matter.

The first homebrew of any kind is hellopsp by Nem and Sampu-Syokunin, released on 5 May 2005. That much is well documented. But what about the first game?

Going through the archive (which later became, the first homebrew game was a Tetris clone released by the Austrian coder team FragLab five days later, on 10 May.


And yet, a look at the PSP用アプリ wiki reveals the existence of Simple Turn, a Japanese homebrew game released on the same date.


Whichever came first - the Japanese or the Austrian - they’re now both archived.


Download the homebrew Download Tetris Portable

Download the homebrew Download Simple Turn